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About us

Loha is a company born from years of experience in the interior design, construction, furniture and decoration sectors.

Years of dealing with customers, where they always showed an almost generalised concern, to an inadequate investment.

It was not enough to show them plans, sketches, moodboards, infographics…, we discovered that it was time to take a step forward and show our clients their projects by creating a virtual world where they could interact and move within it.

  • Unique experiences
  • Personalised attention
  • Latest technology
  • Solutions for companies





Years of experience


Satisfied customers


VR Presentations

Interactive Architecture.

We are a support tool at every stage of our clients’ projects (companies, professionals and individuals). 


Virtual Reality allows us to make live changes.

We anticipate future inconveniences and simplify meetings. Explore our services and discover how we can help you.

We provide a differentiation in your presentations by revaluing your services.

How we work

At LOHA Decoración we work on each project with the maximum involvement and giving priority to communication with the client. We take care of every detail, making the process as comfortable as possible, achieving the results you always dreamed of.

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