Virtual Reality and Interior Decoration

LOHA is a company full of experience and enthusiasm, but above all of great achievements.

A dream come true

In LOHA we care and advise in a meticulous way, not only aesthetically, but also functionally and economically, providing all the empathy towards our clients in order to make their projects the dream of their lives.

from virtual to real

By making use of this technology we allow us to show our clients what they imagine, dream or think before it becomes reality.

In our projects the experience is virtual but the impact is real.

Customer feedback

Based on 12 reviews
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Inmaculada CamachoInmaculada Camacho
19:46 15 Jan 23
Loha has made a large-scale work an experience that we have enjoyed without any stress. The confidence we had in them was absolute, knowing that everything was going to go according to plan. From the first minute they showed us great empathy and patience, listening to us and understanding what we wanted in order to be able to advise us from the experience they have as the great professionals they are. The proof of how satisfied we are is that we are also going to carry out the next project with them.
Jimena LucentiniJimena Lucentini
16:15 26 Jan 22
I would give them more than 10 stars. Super professionals. They make dreams come true. From the first session they were clear about what we wanted and they squeezed all the ideas we had to create the perfect store. The charisma of Chari, the perfection and demand of Minerva and her involvement made what one day we drew on paper and wrote down in notes come true. They have taught us a lot throughout this project and have shaped what we wanted. Thanks girls! We hope to be able to repeat soon!
Peter LasherPeter Lasher
22:56 29 Mar 21
(Written by Rosario Lasher)Loha came highly recommended through some friends. Doing a renovation in the middle of a global pandemic brought us added stress that we didn't count on. Luckily Loha was there to guide us with her professionalism, patience, experience and skill to navigate the most difficult situations. Loha gets bigger when faced with a difficulty, there is no obstacle that stops her sense of duty, correctness and good work.Loha works for and with the client. The use of Virtual Reality allows them, with unparalleled precision and detail, to transform a project into something much better than you have imagined.Thank you Loha for being with us in the most difficult times. Thank you for your dedication and, above all, thank you for being excellent people as well as professionals.
Candida AndradeCandida Andrade
10:35 07 Apr 20
I was lucky enough to stumble upon the Loha decoration company in my "Adventure" as an entrepreneur. Authentic professionals, great people, humble and with a great ability to adapt to all clients according to their needs. My Cafeteria Candy'S Cafe has a spectacular, cozy and very personal decoration that without them nothing would have been the same. Thank thousand times thank you .
Yolanda Alarcon SelmaYolanda Alarcon Selma
20:26 08 Mar 20
I have the pleasure of having carried out joint work with the Loha team, the first thing that I must highlight is their great professionalism, quality and dedication. They are people who study the details of each client and project that reach the maximum, it is at that moment when we can really see that they are passionate about their work and that is very important when it comes to being able to count on them for a project. I have to admit that I didn't know it was a virtual reality until I had the pleasure of being able to enter one made by the Loha team.I was lucky and honored in July 2019 that they decorated the centerpieces that were going to be placed at each guest table at my wedding, I cannot be more grateful for it, they were aware of it on a Thursday and the The wedding was held two days later, that afternoon they told me not to worry that the centers did it for me, I have to highlight their dedication, their concern, the ability they have to study your tastes to the maximum, your personality to make a set of everything this and translate it into a centerpiece at such an important moment as a wedding. Well, I have to emphasize that they exceeded my expectations, it could not have been more beautiful and original, I cannot be more grateful for it.
Serious, transparent and committed company with its customers. With a higher education in the subject they develop, accompanied by an attitude of indescribable humility, which causes their development day by day, not building a roof on the information they acquire.A tool for the future, which shines with the values ​​of ancient times where, with a simple hand shake, the most important contracts were signed, with only honesty and commitment.
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