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Manufacture of furniture

Accuracy and finishing at another level

Why do we give you extra precision and help you anticipate mistakes?

When we create the environment and its furniture using virtual reality we do it on the real dimensions and measures and we take into account the different pieces of your furniture and its screws. This allows us to estimate the space you need during assembly and after it.

In this way we avoid you having problems, for example because of faucets, which can be annoying and you don't have enough space to do your work. We don't just recreate the measurements where your furniture is located, we also recreate its surroundings.

Your client will also know the dimensions of your furniture. This is very important for pieces located in offices or businesses where the elements escape the standard measures used by furniture manufacturers in series.

If your client needs a place where to store a product with special measures we can create this object and place it inside the furniture that you have designed. Without using virtual reality you know if the object fits in the place assigned to it but

How can your client know if you will be able to manipulate him or if he has enough room to feel comfortable? Using virtual reality.

Manufacturing with VR projects


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