Digital Interior Design and Decoration

The digitalisation of services is here to stay, as is the case in many other sectors.

This trend is on the rise and is consolidating itself as the new way of working with any type of interior design and decoration project, in a practical, simple and economical way.

The 100% digitalisation of a project is the only guarantee of success, which is why LOHA completely digitalises all services and processes: architecture, interior design, design tools, project management, furniture suppliers, …, offering a faster, more convenient, guaranteed and affordable offer to our clients.

A service designed to save money
and accessible to everyone.

The boom in these services is mainly due to the lack of time, as well as unforeseen events such as the current COVID, where people have less and less time to dedicate to matters such as decorating their homes.

But at the same time, all these processes of change that this pandemic has generated have created a common desire for all people, regardless of the size of their homes, workplaces, etc., needing a pleasant environment, where they feel an emotional well-being and at the same time, feel in a safe and comfortable environment.

LOHA with this service allows its clients to eliminate for the most part the surprise factor with respect to costs, in addition to being able to access a professional decorator from anywhere in the world, no matter where they are, also allowing a total saving of time. We take care of everything, from the creation of the digitalised project to the control of measurements, coordination of suppliers, possible incidents and advice on everything the client needs. The client can access his project at any time and make any changes he deems necessary.

In this way it is not necessary to invest time in meetings or visits, as we can do it online with our visualisations, moodboard and whatever is required for each project.

Need more information?

Your concern is our concern, that’s why we lend all our empathy to our clients, in order to make their projects the dream of their lives.

If you would like more information about our Digital Interior Design and Decoration service or to request a quote, please contact us, we will be delighted to help you.

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